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The 20th Anniversary Anthology is Here!

Yes! This is the announcement many of you have been waiting to hear!

The club anthology we've been working on for the last two years, "Coming of Age," is . . .


. . . and available for purchase. The lowest retail price I could set is $6.42.

It is available to buy at retail price at:


You are free to order as many copies through this channel as you desire and finances allow. The book will not appear on any other stores (we'd have a higher price if we did) and will be available for purchase at any time for the foreseeable future.

The members attending our October meeting in 2015 gave the book a thumbs up saying it looked great. There are many great stories and poems in this book. It is a collection we can be proud to count as representing our club. Much work both by the authors, club officers, and the anthology editors has gone into making a book we can all be proud to own and share.

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